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If you are on a plant-based diet, you may already have some favorite vegan smoothie recipes that you default to. Smoothies are easy to adapt to a vegan lifestyle as they always incorporate plants and vegetables. You may not have the advantage of throwing yogurt into all your smoothies, but there are ways to replace it with dairy-free alternatives that are packed with protein. I still feel a twinge of jealousy when I see those creamy and satiating smoothies (lol).

Vegan Smoothie Recipes

Give vegan smoothies a creamy texture

While other people can use yogurt to thicken their smoothies, people on a plant-based diet may feel stuck with "watery" smoothies.

That's not necessary, raw oats can give any smoothie a creamy and thick texture.  I use this hack all the times due to the dairy allergies that I struggle with.

Some fruits, like banana, will give your plant-based smoothies the same creamy texture that you'd get if you used yogurt. This goes to show that vegan smoothies can just be as satisfying as the rest.

If you MUST, you can also rely on plant-based protein powders to add the creamy and thick texture into your smoothies.

10 Vegan Smoothie Recipes to try out

Making vegan smoothies is easy, keep that in mind when you are doing your weekly groceries.  the first thing that you must consider is the protein source i.e nuts, peanut butter, almond milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut milk, etc. The protein is what will satiate you. Plants also have protein, so all is not lost.

To make the following vegan smoothie recipes, simply peel and chop the ingredients (when necessary), and blend everything together.

1. Tropical cinnamon smoothie

The great thing about this smoothie is that not only does it use some fun tropical fruits that are ideal in the spring and summer, but it adds ingredients that you would typically want for breakfast, like bananas and cinnamon. Together, it is a wonderful mix of flavors and nutrition. For the tropical cinnamon smoothie, you want to add a frozen banana with some coconut milk or coconut water for the tropical aspect, then add in some Medjool dates (any dates should work) to it. You can add in some almond butter and ground cinnamon as well to the smoothie before blending it up.

2. Banana & Pineapple smoothie

Cut open a pineapple fresh or just used chopped pineapple from a can, then add in a frozen banana, and some orange juice. Ice should only be needed if you aren’t using any frozen fruit, otherwise, you can just leave it out.

3. Chocolate & Oats Smoothie

Some people want to have a chocolate taste with their breakfast smoothie, and you can still accomplish this while also having a plant-based smoothie. What you want to do is use vanilla almond milk and unsweetened cocoa powder with vanilla extract, dairy-free chocolate chips, and rolled oats. To add in sweetness, use maple syrup instead of honey.

You can also add in some banana and peanut butter if you want

4. Berry & Kiwi Smoothie

The berries and kiwi are both loaded with antioxidants, plus have vitamin C and lots of other nutrients. Try to use frozen fruit if you can, as that reduces how much ice you need. Strawberries and blueberries taste great with kiwi and can be added right into the blender. Peel your kiwi and add it, then use some orange juice so you can avoid any dairy in the smoothie

5. Green Smoothie

You are probably used to a green smoothie consisting only of the bare minimum apples and spinach, without much protein or other nutrients.  This one is a bit different and packed with protein and other nutrients. Start with basic green smoothie ingredients like apples and spinach, then add other fruits for more nutrition. Along with that, add in a little peeled ginger, hemp protein, and spirulina powder. For the dairy, coconut milk and almond milk both work great with this smoothie recipe. 

You may appreciate this high protein green smoothie recipe as well:

6. Nuts, Cinnamom & Maca Powder Smoothie

Use almond butter and almond milk, plus some ground cinnamon, flaxseed, dates, and vanilla extract. Don’t forget the maca powder, and consider adding some hemp protein powder for a protein smoothie that is great to enjoy after a workout.

7. Clementine smoothie

All you need is your coconut milk, a frozen banana, and peeled clementines. After this, you can choose to add other ingredients if you prefer, like more citrus fruit to increase the vitamin C, or even some nut butter especially if you are also using almond milk with the smoothie.

8. Almond turmeric smoothie

This is also going to be super nutritious for you since it uses turmeric, a spice that is loaded with important vitamins and minerals. In addition to the powdered turmeric, you can add your favorite tropical fruits, such as pineapple, mango, and kiwi, along with dome Medjool dates to add a 
nut-flavor and increase the overall health benefits of the smoothie. You can make it thicker by adding a banana as well.

9.  Berry & non-dairy yogurt

Many smoothies use yogurt to thicken them up, but since you want it plant-based, you just need to be careful what type of yogurt you use. There is non-dairy or vegan yogurt that works great with a mixed berry smoothie. Combine the non-dairy yogurt of your choosing, either plain or flavored, with coconut milk, a banana, and your choice of berries
You can go with blackberries and raspberries, or add strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Use any combination you prefer. With a smoothie that includes berries, coconut milk is often preferred when you aren’t using soy, but you can definitely use non-dairy milk or almond milk if you want. 

10.  Banana and Blueberries

The thing that makes this so great is that while it only contains two different fruits, it will pack a massive nutrient punch. Blueberries are one of the most nutritious fruits you can get your hand on, and also happens to be a leading source of antioxidants. Bananas are also loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals. All you need to do is add blueberries and sliced banana to a freezer bag.

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There are unlimited vegan smoothie recipes out there, but these ideas will get you started in your plant-based lifestyle, or on your fasting days. 

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