Plant based breakfast ideas - #Vegan #Lenten #DairyFree

It's been a while since I updated this blog, so I gathered that I'd focus on plant based breakfast ideas for the next few days. When adopting a new diet, meal ideas become a sore point. You have to apply yourself in order to intentionally provide decent meals for your family, and for yourself.

The plant based or vegan breakfast ideas on this post are more than a week's worth (yay).

Easy& Quick Plant Based Breakfast Ideas

1. Smoothies and smoothie bowlsSmoothies are one of the staples of a plant based diet, especially in the summer months. Personally, I struggle to be satiated by smoothies, but for some people they work just fine. Always remember to pack your smoothies with protein sources like peanut butter. I have vegan smoothie ideas on this blog.
Smoothie bowls are a nice alternative and just as easy to make. The only difference between them and smoothies is that a smoothie bowl has a thick texture, such that you will enjoy it in a bowl, and with a spoon. Believe me, p…

Couscous with vegetables - Simple couscous recipe - #Vegan #HighProtein

The more I look into a plant-based kind of diet, the more I realize that it is not difficult to do. This couscous with vegetables is one of the simple plant-based dinners that I manage to whip up for my family.  Couscous is a staple in North Africa and some Middle Eastern cultures, but fortunately, it is now available in most parts of the world. I really suggest that you add it to your grocery list.  It will make everything easy.

Benefits of couscous
I bought the box of couscous purely because I hadn't eaten it in a long time. I almost fell over when I realized that a cup actually contains 6-8g of protein. High protein is one of the few benefits of couscous. This is a big deal when you are on a plant-based lifestyle or fasting from animal products.  Meeting your protein is often the challenging part for beginners.
Also: 20+ Vegan protein sources
Couscous is also high in fiber, so it will keep you full for longer. It is a great substitute for white rice and pasta.
My humble couscous w…

Vegan Chocolate Cake - #Easy #DairyFree #EggFree

I must have mentioned several times that my family's dietary needs vary with the seasons. We are borderline vegan for half of the year. This has encouraged me to be open to various forms of cooking. I also have dairy induced allergies, although I can get away with some dairy-based dessert once in a while. Finally baking my own vegan chocolate cake gives me hope that I can get to enjoy food, without exposing myself to allergic reactions. Throw in our fasting from animal products, and everybody wins!

Is vegan chocolate cake healthy?
These days, "healthy" is an ambiguous word. A simple example..... I switched to vegan baking because of allergies, and to be able to entertain guests during our fasting days. In this case, the cake is a healthier option because it is free from eggs and milk (a bad combination for me).

I did not use milk substitutes, so the cake is naturally lower in calories than a dairy and egg-based cake. The chocolate flavor is made from unsweetened coco…

White bean dip with pita chips - #Vegan #WithoutTahini

Planning a menu when you have meat-eating guests over can be tricky.  On the one hand, you do want to provide decent catering and snacks (that do not taste like cardboard😄), on the other hand, you don't want to jeopardize your own journey towards a plant-based lifestyle (or your Lenten Fast, whichever applies to your family situation).  This white bean dip is a great addition to any party menu. It is quick and easy to make – and your guests are sure to love the subtle balance of flavors packed into each bite.

It is perfect with mildly seasoned pita chips.

As you will see on the ingredients' list, the recipe calls for cannellini beans.  I can assure you that you are free to play with other kinds of legumes when making vegan or plant-based dips.  I'm a sucker for chickpeas so  I have used them many more times than the cannellini beans.
Yield: 6 servings
With ImageWithout Image White bean dip with pita chips This delicious white bean dip is a great addition to any party m…

Vegetable curry stew - #Meatfree #Vegan #DinnerIdeas

Yeah!  I've achieved one more step in my plant-based cooking, pulling off a vegetable curry stew that everybody in my house gave a thumbs up👍. This is one of those dinners that come about unexpectedly and has saved us from eating junk.

The beauty of it is that it is simple, using very few ingredients, and its main ingredients are veggies. Don't feel obligated to use the exact vegetables as mine.  I did not plan for them ahead of time. It just happened that we had a prepackaged roast vegetable medley, and I was not feeling up to roasting vegetables.  I needed a one-pot meal that wouldn't take up my time.

Before we get started, let me remind you that I generally cook for 5 people, so my ingredients are catering for that number.

I used a pressure cooker to make this, so you must adjust your time if you are using a stovetop.

Vegetable curry stew - step-by-step recipe
Ingredients:500g vegetable medley(consisting of):Chopped butternut}Red onionZucchiniBell peppersCarrots3 tomatoe…

Veggie pita pockets - #MeatFreeMondays #Lenten #Fasting #Vegan

These veggie pita pockets came as a surprise because they are so simple, someone can easily overlook them. As I have mentioned before, Wednesdays and Fridays are our Fasting days (fasting from meat, dairy, eggs - that's just the food aspect of it). We try to keep things simple, but my husband does not Fast with us, so I try to also make the meals appetizing.

...back to keeping things real😄.

Veggie pita pockets - making themYou only need 3 main ingredients to put together this very simple and satiating meal i.e pita bread, frozen vegetable stir-fry, and avocado.  With the right fresh vegetables (e.g carrots, bell peppers, onion), you can make your own stir-fry from scratch. As a busy, homeschooling mom, I always stock on both fresh and frozen vegetables (remember...I keep things real).
For a serving of one, you will need:
1 whole-wheat Pita1/2 avocado (diced - feel free to improvise)100g Stir-fry vegetables 1 tablespoon olive oil (optional)Salt & pepper (to taste)
1. War…

Greek pasta salad recipe - #Vegan #WithoutFeta

There is no shortage of various kinds of the Greek pasta salad recipe online.  I don't promise to be a kitchen whizz, I'm just a mother who is always looking for ways to put a good plant-based meal on the table. I have made a basic Greek pasta salad before, but it was for a different crowd so it was accompanied by feta cheese.  This time I made it without the feta cheese to accommodate those who want to cut out all animal products from their diets.

As much as this is a salad, there is no reason why you cannot add it to your vegan dinner ideas as well. I always make it our main meal instead of a side dish.  It has all the necessary food groups that make up a balanced meal i.e carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, and fat.

It is easy to make, so let's get started:

I cook for a family of 5, so feel free to adjust the ingredients' quantities to suit your needs.

Ingredients for the Greek Pasta Salad Recipe500g Pasta (any shape will do, but I used the Rotini - spiral-shaped)2 cu…